Tips and tricks to elevate your Presentation (Part 2)

Oct 01, 2021 / Uncategorized / 10:08 am

Presentations are made to convey your ideas effectively to the audience. Each slide must be made with utmost care, to be attracting to the audience. There are some tips that make your presentation interesting and here are some of these tips that will excel your presentation to the next level.

Add Charts & Graphs

Instead of going old school by showing data in a table, make sure you use fun and interactive charts and graphs to help you tell stories with data. It is easy for anyone to zone out when they are given a bunch of data without organization.

Own Infographics with SmartArt

Use infographics to show the flow of content. This will help your audience understand the presentation and go with the flow of content. Microsoft PowerPoint enables you to make interactive info graph with the help of SmartArt. So, you can forget about making them in Photoshop or Illustrator, since this is much easier and anybody can make a good info graph in PowerPoint.

Use Presenter View

Keep in mind that when you are using the PowerPoint, you are the presentation. The slides are an aid to convey your ideas to the crowd. That is why we always recommend using a Presenter view. Use Presenter view to show the information that’s relevant to you on your private screen, with your presentation showing on the extra display.

Divide and Conquer

The presentation that you make can be done easily, if you collaborate with your team-mates and get opinions while making the presentation. This will help you make a presentation that is free of mistakes and has the best quality of content.

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